New Shiny Stuff

June 12, 2007

You read the title, that’s right, I dropped some money on a blazing fast new video card. It’s one hell of an upgrade for me; coming from a GeForce 6200. While before, I had to drop settings to the minimum in order to get a reasonable frame rate on most games, I can now pump them all the way to the max and still usually hit an FPS in the hundreds. I’m fully satisfied having scored the card at a reasonable price of about $160.

Installation was a piece of cake. I opened my computer, stuck the card in the motherboard, and restarted the machine and it worked perfectly after some driver installation off the disc. This is a rarity for me, as I usually have to screw with some wiring and online drivers before getting hardware working. I was also glad that the card didn’t need any sort of direct cabling to the power supply, unlike the slightly higher end 8800s.

Since I got it working, I’ve been having fun with my newly bought copy of the Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar running at max settings. LOTRO is a great game from what I’ve played so far. It doesn’t introduce a lot of new mechanics, but that’s kind of nice as I can settle into the world quite nicely. At first glance I got the impression that it was simply a World of Warcraft clone in LotR’s wrapping, but since I’ve played more I’ve determined it’s actually a much superior game. The quests, though some more  simple, tend to be much more interesting then those of WoW and other MMOs. It can be seen that a good bit of time was spent realizing each and every quest, only a very small portion seem to be simple Fedex and kill monsters missions.

Another aspect of the game I enjoyed is the accuracy to the books. Basically every aspect of the game’s lands is exactly as described. Even such minuscule details as the location of the hobbit holes in Staddle within the Bree-land are accurate. The book accurate feel has actually influenced me to go back and read the LotRs trilogy for the hundredth time.

I’m currently playing a level 8 Hobbit Hunter on the Melandor server if anyone might want to meet up with me.

Lastly, check out this website. It’s an awesome spoof like programming language that actually works and compiles. I was linked to it on a forum I frequent: LOLCODE