Starcraft 2 Announced

I swear, if I hear one more forum n00b raving about Starcraft 2 I’m going to poke the person nearest to me with a very sharp object. It still escapes me how someone can declare a game absolutely amazing when it’s more then a year away from release and only a few lackluster screenshots have been revealed. Sure, the original Starcraft was a good, if not great game, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the sequel will be a grapically updated version with only some slight game play updates: maybe a new unit here and there.

 All together it just seems far to early to judge. So, I recommend that you wait to pass judgement on it’s awesomeness until something more substantial has been released. This is for the sanity of myself and many others.

On the topic, here’s a strip from Ctrl+Alt+Del that I found to be quite amusing, as well as realistic since it seems most Koreans worship Starcraft in some kind of weird unearthly way. ::link::


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