Tried and Not True

The video games released in recent times have been amazingly devoid of imagination. Everything sticks with tried and true concepts, but these concepts are in fact tried to the point of not being so true. The majority of releases in the past years have been either: sequels, licensed beat-’em-ups, or clones of well known games. It is extremely rare for a game to introduce a new concept, and when it does, it often flies under the radar. The reason for this, in my opinion, is split into two groups.

Feeding the flames are the giant publishers that essentially own the video game market. The foremost of these is EA Games, a well known company that picks up the majority of movie licensed games and create yearly sports games that bare amazing resemblance to their prequels. EA and a number of other large publishers are intent on sticking with old concepts in fear of financial loss. Sure they can be sure that they’ll pick enough money out of the hands of the legions of existing franchise fanboys, but, what about people like myself. These publishers leave people craving innovation in the dark. Perhaps if these publishers would take a risk, they might make a game that is not only financially successful, but also well remembered as a game to introduce a great new mode of play.

The second cause of the “Tried and Not True” issue is the hordes of series fan boys and girls. Gamers who beg for the next Halo or GTA games, their accents thick with 1337-speak. These gamers do not realize the merits of change. Through their own ignorance they fail to see that innovation is an amazing power, one that started the many series they fanboy over.

So, that is my rant for the day. A propaganda I’ve attempted to push on those I know, once and again. Unfortunately, few seem to understand. I only hope that you exhibit some common sense and join me on my righteous crusade for innovation 😉


One Response to Tried and Not True

  1. Hawk says:

    *raises sword* For innovation!

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