The Creed of the Assassin

Chances are you’ve heard of Ubiosofts new Assassin’s Creed, in production by the well known Montreal studio. I’m not one to get very hyped for a particular release, but I can hardly wait for Assassin’s Creed. You take the guise of a professional assassin, capable of performing the most extreme of stunts and the most bloody of kills. Assassin’s Creed boasts a detailed climbing system which will allow you to grab onto anything you realistically could, as well as an impresive crowd simulator. It seems that Assassin’s Creed could most easily be summed up as Prince of Persia in mideval times… but better from what I see.

Also, some leaks which I’ve read against my better judgment suggest somewhat of a sci-fi twist. That present or future day scientists may be gazing into the memories of the playable character using some sort of “genetic memory.” However, I’ve decided to stop looking for developments on these rumors as I think a nice suprise in the game would be much more satisfying.

So, why’ll your waiting for this masterpiece to hit stores I’d suggest taking a look at some of the amazing trailers.


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